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When you take to bits what you normally take for granted, you often realise that there are many many ways of looking at something rather than the one you’re used to. A moment’s reflection confirms that how we – the individual doing the looking – are feeling, where we’re looking from, what memories we are mixing with what we see and so on will also affect the way we see things. Crossing the river from the city of Liverpool, one sees it afresh. Sometimes a little distance makes clearer as in woods and trees. Terry’s wide angled shot includes both sides of the river, and softens the city so that its huge cathedral seems to be a part of a natural landscape. Gareth’s deliberate blurring and out-of-focus shots show the importance of the individual viewer. In all of the pictures, because perhaps there are not many clues to time, there is a feel of a certain timelessness.

See more of Gareth’s pictures here.


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The day after Terry and Vic wandered around some of the old derelict docks, and we’d  added the last post, the government announced the area was to be an “Enterprise Zone”. Obviously, Inspidered carries more weight than we’d realised.

The area has already been approved by Wirral Council as a site for massive “redevelopment” to include skyscrapers, apartments, hotels, shops and so on. Sound familiar? Some calculations reckon the total scheme will take 40 years to complete. Then both sides of the river will be able to admire each other’s skyscrapers, shops, hotels, apartments. Also, if Liverpool wins its current tiff with Southampton over berthing cruise liners, watching floating hotels come and go all week. Whatever, it’s a change from past and it’s history unfolding before our eyes, waiting to be documented.

Perhaps the fruits of “regeneration” behind the new waterfronts could also be documented?



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