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The day after Terry and Vic wandered around some of the old derelict docks, and we’d  added the last post, the government announced the area was to be an “Enterprise Zone”. Obviously, Inspidered carries more weight than we’d realised.

The area has already been approved by Wirral Council as a site for massive “redevelopment” to include skyscrapers, apartments, hotels, shops and so on. Sound familiar? Some calculations reckon the total scheme will take 40 years to complete. Then both sides of the river will be able to admire each other’s skyscrapers, shops, hotels, apartments. Also, if Liverpool wins its current tiff with Southampton over berthing cruise liners, watching floating hotels come and go all week. Whatever, it’s a change from past and it’s history unfolding before our eyes, waiting to be documented.

Perhaps the fruits of “regeneration” behind the new waterfronts could also be documented?




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There’s a book not long out called Edgelands written by two poets. A couple of us have read it, and found it good in parts but overall probably not the best; still worth reading though as it gives ideas for looking into things we normally only see in passing, in this case the ‘edgelands’ between the city and the countryside. These are places where a surprising amount of nature has returned to; the history of the recent past is inscribed there; sewage farms, motorway service stations, conference centres, travel lodges, kids’ dens, surreal golf ranges…..

We’re inspired to look at something a bit like edgelands but those within the town and city. The alleys, the derelict industrial sites, rows of houses awaiting demolition, and the new businesses that spring up selling cars, carpets, sheds and pallets. Our first foray was into Birkenhead’s docklands. There is a definite sense of atmosphere as you leave the main road that runs by the park, head up Duke Street then cross into the dusty remains of the past, tangled wreckage of machinery, and the signs of life springing up as if at random. Here are some of the pictures we took.


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