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Written by one of the group:

Parts of the city I have never  visited. The bits I do know I know nearly nothing about. I have picked up a few things about history in South Liverpool but they’re all just bits and pieces. Where I live (Allerton) wasn’t even part of Liverpool until 1913. I have read a bit recently about Allerton and been to see the ancient Calder Stones and the thousand years old Allerton Oak. I’ve looked at a few old maps, and found out about the history of some of the buildings. What I know absolutely nothing about is what the lives of ordinary people were like. It’s as if they didn’t exist.

There are many books and so on about Liverpool, and I’ve read some of them, seen telly programmes and so on. Some of the things I’ve gone a bit deeper into but the deeper I go, the more turns up about any particular subject, and at least one thing I know for sure is that I don’t know very much at all really. Some people, amateurs  and professionals, spend years of their lives researching one little aspect of one little bit of history: certainly when I read some of their stuff, especially about things that interest me like Vikings,  the Slave Trade, labour history, and working class life generally, I’m grateful. But I always feel like I’m scratching the surface. (more…)


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