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A beginning is a good place to start, but all beginnings have a past too. Anyway, welcome to the start of this blog. In it you’ll find some of the work we have produced. It’s been said many times but is still worth repeating that history is made. And it’s not only the things that happen which make it. It’s the people who are involved, a few or whole nations. Then someone tells the story part of history. They tell it from many different angles, missing some things out, emphasising others. People use different forms to tell the story, films, drama, music, dance, writing. We’re a modest crew here. Mostly we’re looking at hidden histories,  stories seldom if ever told, the histories that the past has not worth thought worthwhile to tell.

In doing this, we can’t avoid thinking about how memory itself is made, how it works. We’ve come to see that seeing the world involves a lot more than eyes, and knowing needs much more than knowledge.


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