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We’ll be entering some of the following onto the blogroll but in the meantime here are some websites you’ll find interesting. Some of them you will find amazing!

“Links” also means with people, and we’re intending to network with other groups and get as many interested people as possible interested in what we’re doing.

These provide commentary, analysis, facts and images. There are many other sources on the net such as forums and Flickr for old images which are interactive and user-led. It’s interesting to see here both ‘formal’ history making, and the work of local residents determined to have their area’s history told and preserved – and also several sites which strongly challenge some of the mainstream versions of history.

http://www.scottiepress.org/ A stunning collection. You really have to go there to see how 40 years of hard work by so many people have produced such a wonderful resource visited by people from all over the world. be warned though, you may be away some time!

http://inacityliving.piczo.com/?g=1&cr=7 mainly previously unpublished and out of print images, many courtesy of the Liverpool records office archives and many contributors

http://www.institutions.org.uk/poor_law_unions/workhouse_life.htm and

http://www.judandk.force9.co.uk/workhouse.html History and life in workhouses

http://www.workhouses.org.uk/index.html?Liverpool/Liverpool.shtml A superb site dealing with history and life in workhouses including Liverpool

http://www.btinternet.com/~m.royden/mrlhp/index.html Mike Royden’s local history pages are full of articles, resources, archive material and links.

http://www.old-merseytimes.co.uk Liverpool and Merseyside life transcribed from newspapers

http://www.stjamescemetery.co.uk/history.htm St James Cemetry history

http://2cliverpool.com/default.aspx An ‘about Liverpool’ site produced ny a Liverpudlian. Basic facts.

http://www.liverpooltimes.net/ The Liverpool Times is a continuation of The Kirkby Times, another independent Liverpool website that set the example for local news reporting by and for working class people. http://www.kirkbytimes.co.uk/

http://www.liverpoolhistorysociety.org.uk/home.html Liverpool History Society

BBC Radio Merseyside has a local history section on itse website which includes archive recordings and links to national BBC which contains iPlayer footage, e.g. of the documentary Morning in the Streets:




http://www.peterleeson.co.uk/liverpool/ Peter Leeson was in the City Planning department when the Scotland Road demolitions were underway. He left to become a photographer, artist and film maker.

http://merseyminis1.blogspot.com/ Information and axtracts from the Deborah Mulhearn compilations of writings about Liverpool throughout history and to the present.

http://streetsofliverpool.co.uk/ A superb site from a Liverpool writer and publisher who set up the Open Eye Gallery in 1977 and founded the Bluecoat Press. It’s a wealth of old pictures and written material, regularly updated and always worth looking at each week.

http://www.yoliverpool.com/ Forum for all things Liverpool. Some great history stuff. Interactive and growing as members contribute more and more.


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