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Our sister site Spiderphoto will shortly be publishing a video called Passed Tense. The idea was that people recall a section of their life, represent this in a composite photograph, and talk over the photograph explaining the memories evoked. One of the images is that of Stephen’s shown here. In a longer version of his talking than in the video, he reflects upon how memory, rather than being a simple mirror of the past, is edited and constructed – sometimes contradicting actual events. You can hear Stephen’s interview here, or you can hear it here while looking at the image as it is slowly revealed.


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The Future Rises! The new World Museum nears completion, and the futuristic black block of glassy hard angles here reflected in the winter sunlight. The old icon of Liverpool is in the background, the Liver Building. The Liverpool waterfront has changed, is changing dramatically, in our own lifetime, in the space of a few years. The past and the future are mixed, we are caught between.

Below, standing under a sign about the Future, a product of the Liverpool Biennial Arts events, and ironically on the facade of the ruined Futurist cinema, a man, half in light and half in darkness, making connections on a phone, (one of us actually!) introduces a human element to the flow of history.

The Future is the Past

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